Beautiful Kurti Neck Design Cutting and Stitching

Beautiful Kurti Neck Design Cutting and Stitching: Want to carry gorgeous charm in your kurti with comfortness in your outfit? We have got the exact thing you need. Kurtis are decent and wearing a kurti with marvelous neck designs adds spark to your body type. Neck pieces are irresistible to get noticed. They are a significant component of a kurti. Here you’ll learn to make trendy and fashionable beautiful kurti neck design in simple steps. The neck design is the main element of a kurti. It can turn your kurti fashionable and attractive if made properly. You’ll learn to create appealing, charming neck designs in this article. The advantage of this article is that you will learn to make beautiful neck design very easily and at minimum cost. So all the women out there you don’t need to take tailoring classes and pay their high fees! Instead, read this article and watch the video (linked in the end) and master the art of making stunning neck pieces.

Beautiful Kurti Neck Design Cutting and Stitching

METHOD– How to make beautiful kurti neck design –  To learn the making of latest neck design 2019 more conveniently we have divided the whole procedure to following subheadings

  • Materials required
  • Drafting and Stitching

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Following are the materials required for making our neck designs-

  1. Two matching colour cloths one back colour cloth and other off white colour cloth.
  2. Paper fusing which would be used to stick behind the cloth.
  3. A lace matching the off white colour cloth
  4. Take a plain kurti cutting of your size. The kurti can also be printed.

Note- You can take kurtis colour, it’s matching cloth colour and lace according to your liking and taste.

For Better Understanding Watch Video


  • First take a cloth of length 8 inches and the width will be exactly the same as the width of our kurti. You may also take the width of your pattern the exact same measure as your width of the kurti. Stick paper fusing to this cloth. Now fold it into half and keep it as shown in the given picture below
  • Now we take our kurti cutting and keep it on our cloth properly. Next, we cut the cloth as done in the given picture below
  • After cutting it we will mark our pattern and neck on it. For marking our neck design we will first fold the cloth from the center and mark our boat neck.

The length of our boat neck is taken 9 inches but if you want then you can take 9.5 inches or 10 inches according to your liking. Now we take half of 9 inches that is 4.5 inches and make a mark for our neck.

Next, we mark the depth of our boat neck which is 3 inches and join both the marks.

  • Further, we give shape to the boat neck as done below

Now we open our cloth and hold it inwards to get the trace of marks on the other side as well. For this fold the cloth and press it gently with your hand.

And now our boat neck mark line like given picture below

  • Now we make a mark for our pattern. For this make a mark of 6 inches keeping the inch tape from the top on the left hand. This is so because our pattern would fall on our left hand, so we make the 6 inches mark on the left hand.

Next, we make another mark of one and a quarter inches on the top at the opposite hand.

  • Now we give shape to our pattern as done in the following picture

Then we take a margin of quarter inches and cut the pattern from outwards. After cutting the pattern we will fold this quarter inch margin and iron it properly.

  •  Now we take our kurti and prepare our boat neck. For this open the kurti keeping the backside of the kurti on the top and make a cut on its centre. Then we keep our neck piece on the kurti, joining the center cut of neck piece to the center cut of the kurti.
  • Next, we seam (kachi silai) on the center line till the upper mark of the neck. Then we stitch the neck piece and the cloth on the mark we made.

Further, we cut the boat neck keeping quarter inch margin as shown in the picture. Make small cuts on this margin keeping in mind not to disturb the stitching of the neck.

  • Then fold the pattern to its top and iron it properly to give finishing look

  • Now we will attach our lace to the pattern. We will insert the lace below the pattern and stitch it. We keep the golden part hidden and the rest off white part visible as done in the following picture. But if you want you can reveal the golden part according to your liking.
  • After attaching the lace, we take buttons which we make from the off white cloth. You can make these buttons yourself at your home. We add these off white colour buttons to make our beautiful kurti neck design even more pretty.

Your beautiful kurti neck design is now ready to add charm to your outfit. This design is simple yet sober and appealing your outfit! These Kurtis can be worn from anywhere to everywhere. These Kurtis look beautiful on any age group women from teens to ladies to every feminine. You can make designer kurtis conveniently at reasonable cost at your home by yourself! To learn the making of latest neck design cutting and stitching follow us on Facebook and Instagram @rup_fashion_point. Also, get access to videos and photos of the popular designs on our Website. You can learn to make beautiful kurti neck design and kurti designs very easily, just follow us and we are ready to help you anytime!

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