Bell Sleeves Cutting and Stitching Learn Easily

Bell Sleeves Cutting and Stitching Learn Easily: The bell sleeves have always been trendy whether they were in retro 90s or in 2019! What added to its Modish look was its vogue and sophistication. They can be used dynamically in Kurtis, gowns, top and even in short dresses. Adding butterfly sleeves brings up the youth in every woman. They can be worn anywhere and by anyone. No matter what your age is, carry it around with confidence and you are good to go! You can easily learn to make the latest bell sleeves designs just by following these steps.

Bell Sleeves Cutting and Stitching Learn Easily

The whole procedure of making bell sleeves is divided into: For bell sleeves bell cutting follow these simple steps

  • Drafting and Cutting
  • Stitching

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  • To cut the bell sleeve we, first of all, have to know the sleeve length of our arm. Here we have sleeve length as 17 inches and mohri of the sleeve as 10 inches. This is our measurement, it’s possible that your measurements may differ but the method will be similar.
  •  Now as our sleeve length is 17 inches we need to take 7 inches as bell length and the rest as 10 inches as sleeve length. If you want you can make some changes in the bell and sleeve length according to Proffitt.
  • Normally cut the sleeve length which is 10 inches. We already have the cutting of our sleeve which is 10 inches, but here we have made some different marks which you need to carefully follow.
  • We need to leave a half-inch margin towards upside because this half-inch margin would be used to attach the sleeve with the Kurti. After this taking this half-inch mark we measure the sleeve length that is 10 inches towards the bottom and leave half-inch margin again. This second in the half-inch margin would be used to attach the bell with the sleeve.

Our main motive is to learn the cutting and making of Bell Sleeves: For the cutting bell we need to take an 18×18 inches cloth, but if you want you can vary the cloth size a bit.

  • Now to cut the bell we open our cloth to its full size and fold it in a particular way. First, take the two corners of the cloth and fold it to the other corners, then hold the cloth from the center and fold it again. We see, we have our cloth’s center closed and the corners open.
  • Further, we have to cut it circular from the center. For this we take the cut sleeve, it’s sphericity(circularity) which was 10 inches, and it’s half i.e. 5 inches which we marked right here. Also, we gave an extra margin of 1 inch (you might give less or more margin). Now we open the cloth and measure the sphericity along the whole margin which measures 12 inches.
  • Coming back to cutting the Bell’s inner circular center. We take half of 12 inches thrice- 12/2=6 inches, 6/2=3 inches, and 3/2=1.5 inches.
  • Finally taking 1.5 inches, make marks on the cloth vertically, diagonally and horizontally. Join them by giving some circularity and then we have to cut this exact quarter-circle formed.
  • Also, draw marks of half-inch along the circle. This half-inch would be used while attaching the bell with the sleeve.
  •  Now as our bells length is 7 inches, we draw a 7-inch mark diagonally from the mark at half-inch of the inner circle. Here we have also added a lace whose width is 1 inch. You can use lace according to your liking. So as the lace itself covers 1 inch so instead we reduce our mark from 7 inches to 6 inches and join these marks forming circularity.
  • Simultaneously we take a margin of half-inch after 6 inches because this will be used up for attaching the lace. Even if you don’t attach a lace, you still would need this half-inch margin for folding it.
  • So after adding a half-inch margin, we start cutting the cloth from the upper mark (6.5-inch mark) giving it roundly.
  • Then we unfold our bell cutting and it will look like the picture below.


Now we will learn to attach the bell cutting with the sleeve, one method is to stitch the bell by taking the inner circular cut but this method is a bit difficult so we go for the easy method of attaching them.

  • First cut one side of the sleeve as shown in the figure below.
  • Now we will fold the sleeve end with minute stitching. Further, we fold and stitch it minutely again to give it catch stitch(pakki silaayi). Here while stitching, carefully use one finger to fold the cloth and keep another finger behind the boot to affirm the cloth so that the circularity sits properly.
  • Then iron it to give it a finished look. After folding the bells end we can either stitch it exactly as it is or we can first pico at its end and then attach it to the sleeve.
  • To make it more fashionable we add our lace. To do this, take the upfront part of the lace and stitch it to the bells end. Stitch the lace to the outer circle of the bell’s circularity, from one end of the bell till covering the other end.
  • Now we join our bell to the sleeve, first open our sleeve keeping the front part at the top. Now keep the bells front part upon the front part of the sleeve and stitch it taking half inch margin. Here you don’t need to pull the cloth as the bells will get fixed easily.
  • We have now attached our bell with the sleeve and we straighten it. After straightening it, the sleeve looks like the given picture below-
  • Then we flip the sleeve to backside and fold it. Next, we join the cloth of the bell and the sleeves properly and according to your fittings stitch the cloth. By default, our mohri (sleeves ki mohri) is 10 inches and we do half of the 10inches which is 5 inches and make a mark of 5 inches, taking little margin from the bottom of the bell we stitch till the top of the sleeve. You may stitch it according to your fittings.
  • We have completed stitching our bell sleeve design. Turn it to get the front part.

Your stunning bell sleeve is completed and is ready to shine your outfit! You can also add these unique bell sleeves in your Kurtis, gowns, dresses, midis, sarees blouse, long/short top and in other outfits.

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