The Exclusive Boat Neck Design Cutting And Stitching

The Exclusive Boat Neck Design Cutting And Stitching: Boat neck is gaining more and more appreciation and popularity from all over the world. From suits and sarees to red carpet dresses boat neck has rocked the floor! It has this superpower to make or break the look! This neck design does not need an accessory to complement the outfit, instead, it enhances the beauty of the garment. Plain sarees with boat neck blouse looks amazingly sensational yet sober. A large number of divas have adopted this design because of its exclusivity.

The Exclusive Boat Neck Design Cutting And Stitching

Let’s learn the making of this beautiful boat neck design in easy simple steps. To make it convenient we have divided the making into following segments-

  1. Materials required
  2. Drafting and cutting
  3. Stitching

MATERIALS REQUIRED : For making of boat neck design we need to have the following materials –

  1. Buckram of length 8 inches and width 12 inches
  2. Matching colour doris to your Kurti
  3. A slim belt (Patti) of width quarter inch. Will be used for making small loops.

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  • First, fold the buckram into half and make marks. Our necks broadness is 9 inches so we take half of it which is 4.5 inches and mark at 4.5 inches. Whereas the length of the neck is 3.5 inches so we join these marks as shown in the given picture below
  • Now we give shape to our boat neck as done in the below picture. Also, we draw it darkly to get the exact same trace on the other side.
  • Now open the buckram and fold it inwardly to get the same trace on the other side

Now press it lightly to get the imprints and darken the lines.

  • Next, we will add a pattern design to the neckpiece. For this make a straight mark of 2 inches from the top with the help of a ruler. And make another mark from this 2 inches mark at 4 inches downwards
  • Now we start giving it shape as shown in the given picture below. But remember to make a gap of quarter inches at the top.

Then we draw the outer broadness. You can draw the broadness according to your liking.

  • Now we start the cutting of the neck design as done below


  • Stick the cutting to Kurtis the same cloth and fold a bit of cloth inwardly. Also, we make a small cut in the center. Note- If your buckram is of sticking quality then stick it or else you will need to stitch it.
  • Now we will attach our neck to the Kurti. For this keep the front right part on the top. Attach the neck joining the neck’s center cut with the kurti’s center cut and seam (kachi silaayi) at the center. After seaming we will attach our neckpiece keeping a point and stitching alongside the whole buckram.

We will cut the inside portion leaving some margin of cloth. Also, make some small cuts on this margin so that we can fold our neck margin properly.

  • Then we will extract our corner design. For this first flip it and take out the corner as shown in the following picture.

Then fold the complete neckpiece and iron it properly for finishing.

  • Now we will fit loops to the neck. For this make a mark at the center of the kurti. Then make marks at 1.5 inches from the center on both sides of the center.
  • Then we measure the remaining space which is one inch and make a one-inch mark on the other side.

After this first one inch mark on another side, we make another mark below as done previously.

  • Further, take the slim belt(Patti) and cut it into small parts ( loops) of length one inches to 1.5 inches.

Now we will attach loops to our neck. First, stitch the cloth and take a loop and fold it. Give some gap in the loop so that our dori can pass through it.

Now take the loop and keep beneath the cloth and start stitching on the marks we had drawn. Remember to leave the loop a bit less than a quarter-inch and patch it.

  • Do not insert a loop at the center. Instead, insert one loop just left to the center and then next loop just right to the center leaving some gap in between. Further, continue to insert other loops the same way you did in starting
boat neck design cutting and stitching
  • Now we put our dori in these loops. We have taken one long and other short length dori. The short length dori is fixed from the right side whereas the long length dori is fixed from the left side

Then we sew these doris at the given point after insert the doris in the loop.

  • Now take two other doris of equal length and add flower at the ends as we have done.

 Next, take one dori and attach it to the corner design and stitch the second dori just in front of the first dori.

  • After attaching the doris, make a knot as shown in the picture below-
  • Our boat neck design cutting and stitching is complete and ready to give you a show stopper look.
boat neck design cutting and stitching

You can add boat neck designs in any formal outfit as they are sober yet marvelous. They look stunning in kurtis, and dresses and even in midis! If you liked this article then please share with everyone who wants to learn stitching. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @rup_fashion_point to get access to videos and photos regarding the latest updates of charming designs.

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