Elegant Neck Design Cutting For Graceful Kurti Look

Elegant Neck Design Cutting For Graceful Kurti Look: Kurtis have always added the charm of a feminine. Kurtis are one of the most pleasant and widely adapted outfits among traditional clothing. Is there anything more soothing than a comfortable Kurti on hot summers! Pairing Kurtis with jhumkas gives it a chic look. But what really increases the grace of a Kurti is its neck design. It is the most important component of a Kurti because highlights the whole outfit. You can make neck designs yourself at home by following this article carefully at a very reasonable cost and in less time. In this post, we will learn to make beautiful neck designs which would enhance the beauty of the Kurtis

Elegant Neck Design Cutting For Graceful Kurti Look

neck design cutting

Step by step procedure to make neck design: We divide the whole process into the following parts:

  1. Materials required
  2. Drafting the neck piece
  3. Cutting the neck design
  4. Stitching

Materials required :

  • Buckram of 13×9 inches
  • Small pieces of cloth of 3×3 inches
  • 2 Tassels
  • Lace

For Better Understanding Watch Video

Drafting the neck piece :

  • Take the buckram vertically and double-fold it. Then mark the width of our neck piece which is 6 inches, dividing it by two i.e. 3 inches. We make a mark on the top measuring 3 inches.
  • Now we mark the length of our neck piece which is 4.5 inches. You can alter the neck length according to your liking.
  • We then mark the 3 inches width of the neck parallel to the 4.5-inch mark and join the marks.
  • Make a mark 2.5 inches below the 4.5-inch mark. Keeping the inch tape at the 4.5-inch mark we draw marks at 7.5 inches and 2.5 inches towards the bottom. Also taking a negligible margin to draw a mark in the center and broaden the margin a bit as the mark moves upwards. This margin should start from the 2.5-inch mark till the 4.5-inch mark only.
  • Now pointing the mark at 4.5 inches, we draw a circular arc touching the top of the buckram to give it a circular shape for the neck.
  • After creating the round neck, we draw the outer shape of the neck which will be half plus quarter inch from the inner lining. The outer lining will be drawn parallel to the inner one till 6.5 inches towards the bottom of the buckram.
  • Then we mark a slanting line from the Marlon 6.5 inch to the mark on 7 inch.

Cutting the neck piece :

  • To cut the neck design, we first cut the outer neck drawn on the buckram. You don’t need to throw the remaining buckram as it can be used for other purposes.
  • Now we cut the inner neck from the point made on 2.5 inches, taking very little margin at the lower end and increasing the margin a bit towards the upper end. This gives the neck piece a thin opening in the center.

Stitching :

We now have the base neck design and we will stick the neck piece on an off white cloth. Note- Stick the neck piece of the same colour cloth as your lace is. Also, the off white cloth would be bigger in size than the neck piece to fold it further

  • Stick the neck piece to the cloth and fold the extra cloth to the back side of the neck design.
  • Keeping our lace in the center of the width of the neck we start stitching. While stitching the lace, keep your pace slow as to fix the lace on the proper neckline. Then cut the lace leaving with some extra length at the bottom and fold the extra length to the backside. Repeat the stitching of lace to the other side of the neck piece.
  • Now we attach the neck piece to our Kurti. To do this we attach the design to the backside of the cloth. Further, we do hemming (kachcha taanka) in the center and stick it along to the inner side of buckram.
  • After this keeping some margin from the inner side of the buckram, we cut the cloth and make small cuts along this whole extra margin of cloth. Remember while making cuts do not cut the cloth.
  • Further, we fold the neck piece to the upfront part, starting from the corner to whole neck and iron it properly.
  • Now we make triangles out of the small pieces of cloth of different colours. To make a triangle take a small piece of cloth measuring 3×3 inches. First, fold the opposite vertices (ends) and join them. Repeat the same thing with the other two vertices of the folded cloth. Iron them properly to get the clean look. Make other triangles in the same way in pairs of different colours.
  • Now take one triangle and fix it between the neck piece and the cloth, keeping one inch outward and attach the tassels in the center to make it modish and continue to stitch triangles to the other side.
  • After set other triangles in such a way that it has the same colour of triangle on the opposite side.
  • You can stick small beautiful stones on the triangles through the help of fabric glue to give it a polished look!

Your elegant neck design is now completed and is ready to enhance your Kurtis appeal.

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