LATEST BOAT NECK DESIGN CUTTING AND STITCHING: Boat neck designs are very trendy and voguish nowadays. Women are fond of boat neck because they look decent and sober and give you a sense of comfort. If you are looking for latest boat neck design for kurti 2019 then you are at the exact place. These designs are attractive and people will definitely turn their eyes to grab another look. They are stunning because you are comfortable with them and outfit comfort ness adds to your personality. Designs like these go along with everybody type so whether you are slim or whether you are healthy you can ace your look just by adding this beautiful boat neck designs to your attire. A large segment of women adopts boat neck kurtis because of its soberness and decency. Boat neck designs are dynamic because they can be used in kurtis, tops, long kurtis, dresses, crop tops and in various other clothes. Boat necks are popularly used for kurtis.


Boat neck design cutting and stitching is quite simple to make. We have brought you the making of new boat neck designs easily and effortless. So now you don’t need to pay high fees for tailoring classes. Learn stitching at home by yourself. We have made stitching very convenient. So follow the steps given below to learn to make latest designs

Latest Boat neck design for kurti– To learn to make modern boat neck designs we have divided the whole procedure of making into the following headings:

  • Materials required
  • Drafting and cutting of neck design
  • Stitching of our boat neck design

MATERIALS REQUIRED: To make our boat neck design we need the following materials-

  1. Take a plain kurti cutting of your size.
  2. Two dories(डोरी) of matching colour cloth. You can make it yourself easily at home.
  3. A normal boat neck cutting.
  4. Take two buttons made of our matching cloth. (One button and one tussel button)
  5. Buckram

Note- You may take kurti and its dori according to your liking and taste.

For Better Understanding Watch Video Given Below

DRAFTING AND CUTTING: We will learn latest boat neck design cutting by following given simple steps –

  • Make a normal boat neck. (if you want to learn the making of boat neck, then visit our channel by the link provided at the end of this article) After making the boat neck attach piping to the neck.
latest boat neck design

Then we make a shape for the kurtis design. For this we take buckram. The buckram is taken from the waste which was produced while making of the neck. Then we make a shape on our buckram as done in the given picture below. Here we take the length of shape as 6 inches (if you want then you can keep the size at 6.5 inches but not more than that).

Then take a half-inch margin and draw the outer portion of our shape as done below

  • Now we will cut our shape from the outer line drawn

Then fold the buckram into half and make a cut in the center now cut from the inner line drawn as shown in the picture below

Our shape cutting looks like-


  • Now we will attach our pattern cutting on the same colour cloth which is of kurtis colour. After attaching, we fold some cloth to its back and stitch it properly as done below

Next we attach our pattern on our kurti. For this we will make a mark of 2.5 inches from the top shoulder stitching.

Then keep the pattern on this mark. Here the inner design is kept exactly on top of the mark as shown in the following picture-

  • We take the gapping between the pattern and the neck of one inch. Also, keep in mind that we place our pattern in such a way that its end comes in the center of our kurti.
  • Now we stitch our pattern on the kurti alongside the buckram. First, fix the pattern rightly and then stitch it so that it sticks properly.
  • Next, we cut the inner portion of the pattern. For this, fold the pattern and make a cut. Remove the inner portion keeping some margin as done in the picture below.
  • Then make small marks on this inner margin. Remember do not disturb the internal stitching. After making cuts we will fold the cloth’s pattern inwardly. Now iron it properly to give it a finished look.

After folding and ironing the cloth our pattern looks like-

latest boat neck design
  • Now we will add piping to our pattern. For this take a matching colour cloth and keep it on top of the front part of the kurti.

Then flip the kurti to its back as done below. Now we stitch, taking a thin margin for our piping. Here we take a thin margin because we want thin piping but if you want then you can take broader margin for broader piping. Usually, thin piping looks more beautiful than the other one.

  • Next, fold the pattern from half and make a cut. Then cut the inner portion of the cloth properly. After cutting the inner portion we need to fold the cloth inwards as done in the following picture.

After folding the cloth inwardly, we see our pattern looks like-

  • Now we will stitch alongside the piping. After stitching, we cut the extra cloth remaining at the backside of the kurti. Take some margin broader than the width of our pattern and then cut it. This margin of cloth would be used for folding it with buckram.
  • Now we take dories and cut them into small dori of 2 inches and 2.5 inches. Then we attach our dories to our pattern.

Keep the dori (डोरी) under the Kurti pattern as done in the following picture and stitch on this dori. Next, keep another dori leaving a one-inch gap after the first dori. Stitch it on its dori again. Do the exact same thing as done below-

latest boat neck design
latest boat neck design
  • We have attached the dories from one side now we attach them from another side as well. Keeping in mind that we do not disturb the broadness of a pattern. After fixing are dories we will cut the extra dories at the back.
  • Then we will attach our button and tussle button as done in the given picture below and our kurti design is complete.
latest boat neck design
latest boat neck design

Your beautiful latest boat neck design is ready to add charm to your outfit. These boat neck designs are easy to make and comfortable to carry. You can learn many such beautiful kurti designs and neckpieces quickly and easily. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @rup_fashion_point to get access to videos and photos regarding latest kurti designs and fashion trends. Also if you liked this article then let us know and comment below in the comment box.  We will try to make it very easy for you to learn stitching, so please share it to everyone who wants to learn stitching.

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