Latest Kurti Design Cutting and Stitching Of 2019

Latest Kurti Design Cutting and Stitching Of 2019: Want to look amazing and stunning without putting much effort? We have brought the exact thing you need! Carry over a fashionable kurti with beautiful neck pieces and turn over many eyes seeking to grab a second look! Kurtis have the potential to make or break the outfit. What separates your kurti from others is the kurti’s design and it’s neck design. You are at the accurate place to find marvelous designs. You can easily learn the making of latest kurti design of 2019 in just a few steps.

Latest Kurti Design Cutting and Stitching Of 2019

latest kurti design

Let’s learn the making of latest Kurti design, it’s cutting and stitching. To learn this in a simple way we have done I divided are article into the following segments-
● Materials required
● Drafting and stitching


For making this beautiful kurti design and neck design we need the following materials-

  • Take a cloth of length 13 inches and width 11 inches which is the same colour as that of the kurti. Also, stick paper fusing to this cloth because it gives finishing.
  • Take two more cloth pieces of length 9 inches and with 1.5 interest and stick paper fusing to it as well.
  • Triangle design lace(can be easily found in the market)
  • Take a plain kurti cutting of your size.

For Better Understanding Watch Video Given Below

Note- The cloth should be plain because this design will look more attractive on plain cloth.

How to make design for kurti: Before learning to make our latest kurti design we will first learn to make our neck design.

  • To make a neck design first we take the cloth of 13*11 inches and mark our neck design on it. First, fold the cloth into half and mark the broadness. Here, we have taken our neck’s broadness at 8.5 inches but if you want you can keep it as 9 or7 or 7.5 as you wish. Also, we have taken our neck’s length as 3 inches. But you can vary it and keep 4 or 4.5 inches according to your liking.
  • Make a mark on the top of 4 and a quarter inches because our neck’s broadness is 8.5 inches so we take its half which is 4 and a quarter inches. Then make a mark of 3 inches downwards as it is our neck’s length. Now join these marks
  • Next, give it the shape and make marks of the width of one inch outer of our shape as done in the picture below

Then keeping the inch tape on the 3-inch mark we make a mark downwards of 7.5 inches. Here also the width would be one inch.

After making a mark at 7.5 inches make another mark one inch below 7.5-inch mark. Next, taking a negligible margin from the 7.5-inch mark we make a mark extending upwards as done below

And darken all these marks properly so that we can get its imprints on the second half of the cloth. After darkening fold the cloth and press it gently to get the imprint.

  • Then we cut the cloth outer margin of marks. But do not throw this margin as it would be used in designing the kurti further. After cutting take quarter inch margin fold and iron it properly.
  • Now we will take 2 fabric pattern whose length is 9 inches and the width is 1.5 inches. Next, we will make 7.5 inches mark on patterns center as we did below our neck piece. Then we take a margin of quarter inches and fold from all sides.

Now our neck piece and pattern is ready to get attached to our kurti.

  • To make neck on the kurti, take the center of the kurti and make a cut on the center line. Make the same cut on the center line of the neck.
    Next, open the kurti keeping the front part on the top and keep the neck on top of the front joining from cut to cut and place the lower part on the center line. Now seam(kachchi silaayi) the lower part so that our neck does not go in the zigzag direction and seem crooked. After seaming we will stitch all over our marking
  • Stitch till the centre and then turn your kurti and stitch on the mark. At reaching the mark at 7.5inches stitch like V and continue stitching.

Now cut the inner portion of the neck leaving some margin along with the cloth. Then we make a cut in the center line, keeping in mind that the side stitching does not get cut. Also while cutting the lower design does not cut the stitching at the bottom.

Then make small cuts on the round portion of neck keeping the stiching unaffected.

After making cut we will take out our corner. For this fold it and with the help of something pointed take out the corner. Do the same thing for the other corner. After taking out the corners, iron it properly.

  • After ironing we will patch a narrow strip under the deep cut. For this, we have taken a strip which looks like the picture given below

Now we will attach this strip to our kurti. For this keep it under the kurti and take it a half inch out. Keep it below the kurti’s deep cut from the left-hand side. Note- It should purposely be attached on the left-hand side of the kurti and then start stitching (kanni ki silai).

  • After stitching we will stop at the center and take our lace and fold it to attach there. After folding the lace insert it inside the cut and stitch it (kanni ki Silai) as shown in the following picture

At reaching the top we will fold the extra lace inside to give it a finished look.

We will attach the lace to the round of the neck in the same way. Try to stitch it properly so that the golden part of the lace is not visible.

Our simple yet sober neck design is ready and now we will add design to the kurti.

  • Now First, we add patterns to our kurti, we take one pattern and place it one as shown in the following picture

Keep it equidistant from each other whether your kurti size is big or small.

Set the first pattern and the stitch on the marks we made. Note- Stitch a point away from the center line for the display of the lace. Also, stitch its V shape.

Do the V shape stitching on the top also.

  • Now we fold our kurti as done below and make a cut. After making a cut open the kurti and make a proper cut on the pattern keeping in mind that we don’t cut the stitching at the ends.

Then we fold our cut inwards and iron it properly.

  • After ironing we insert the narrow strip(patti) under the cut and set it accurately. Then we start seaming(kanni ki silai) and reach the bottom. Here we take our lace and fold it diagonally and insert it the same way we did previously. Now stitch and when we reach the top, we take our lace, fold it inwardly and fix it.
  • Now we add the second pattern the exact same way.

Our ‘latest kurti design’ is ready to attract eyes giving you a special feeling. We have made the latest kurti design cutting and stitching so convenient that you can make them easily at home by yourself! these designs can be used in other outfits.

latest kurti design of 2019

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