Making Of Perfect Round Collar in Easy Steps

Making Of Perfect Round Collar For Kurti in Easy Steps: Want a polished sharp look? Round collar outfits are the best option for you! The round collar is widely called Ban Collar. They are classy and used in various types of attires. Adding a perfect round collar gives a sense of comfort to women and you don’t need to worry for deep neckpieces. Round collars go well with formal events and even other gatherings. Here you would learn collar cutting, round collar making and its stitching in simple steps.

Making Of Perfect Round Collar For Kurti in Easy Steps

Perfect round collar

INTRODUCTION: Let’s start with cutting of the collar. First of all, we have done the shoulder stitching of both sides of our collar design Kurti. Also, we have made taweez neck design in front of the kurti. You can vary this design with your liking, suppose if you want, you can include some pattern design instead of the taweez neck design.

For Better Understanding Watch Video Given Below

Perfect round collar

METHOD: To learn this skill more easily we have divided the process into the following steps-

  • Round Collar Drafting and Cutting
  • Round Collar Stitching


Measuring the neckline – The neckline (hala) is the roundility of the neck where we attach the collar. To measure it, first hold the taweez’s side and button’s side and join them. Take the back of Kurtis which is parallel to it and keep them in the following manner to measure it-

Then we measure it the following way

Here the length is 8 inches as it is of single side, so we double it to get the length for both sides which becomes 16 inches. So the collar will be cut as of 16 inches. Your collar may measure more or less but use this same method to measure the neckline because it is the correct way.

Cutting- For cutting of the perfect round collar, we take buckram or fusible interlining (pasting). You can get fusible interlining at the rate of Rs80-90 per meter. But if you are cutting the collar for the first time, it’s advisable to cut the collar on buckram. Take buckram’s width as 3 inches and length as one inch extra than the collar’s length. Suppose your collar’s length is 15 inches then take one-inch extra length. Here our collar length is 16 inches, so we will take one inch extra which is 17 inches.

  • Fold the buckram’s length into half. Now from one corner to other diagonally draw an arc as shown below-
  • Next, you need to measure the length of the collar. Since the length of our collar is 16 inches, so we take half of it that is 8 inches and keep the inch tape on the mark’s lining and make the mark of 8 inches as done in the picture below

Do not make the mark by keeping the inch tape straight as it will measureless. Keep the inch tape along the lining and then make the mark.

  • Now we give rounditity to our collar by drawing the shape as bellow
  • Here the width of the “round collar” is one and a quarter inches, so we mark according to one and a quarter inches with the help of inch tape. Note– Do not take the width as 2 inches as it would ruin our collar.
  • After this, we cut the collar out of the buckram. Carefully, cut the drawn part especially at the curve.

We now have our collar cut out-

  • Next, we stick our collar to matching colour cloth. You may use the same colour as your kurti’s salwar is.

We have stuck our collar with the matching colour. Also, we have left a half-inch margin of cloth all around the collar.

 ROUND COLLAR STITCHING: After sticking the collar with the cloth, we will fold the upper part of the cloth and not the curve part with the help of iron. As done in the given picture

  • After folding our cloth a half-inch from the top, we need to stitch the cloth at quarter inch. This quarter-inch stitching is known as one-boot sewing. For one foot sewing, we turn our collar and stitch on the front part. You can also stitch it on the back part but it wouldn’t sit at proper place and might ruin the finished look. So stitch from the front part

Note- While stitching makes the sewing tanka (silai Ka tanka) a bit smaller for better finishing.

  • Now we learn the making of our perfect round collar. For this take another cloth of bigger size  and keep the collar cutting on it as shown

And stitch them keeping the stitching, one point away from our buckram

  • After stitching we cut our collar piece leaving the width of our collar

Now we take some margin from the other side and cut the extra part of the cloth piece

Also here make some small cuts on the inner part of the curve so that it folds easily further.

  • Now we fold our collar inside out and iron it properly
  • After ironing the collar we fold it in half and make a small cut in the center

Now we make a mark by outlining the buckram’s end on the bottom cloth. We do this because while attaching the collar we will stitch on this outline to improve finishing effects.

  • Next, we start attaching the collar with our kurti. First, hold the taweez neck and button side and join them. After joining we sew the shoulder stitching. Now hold the center of the back and make a small cut on the center accurately. It’s very important that the collar’s center-cut overlaps Kurtis center cut because only then will the collar be attached perfectly.
  • Fix the collar on the kurti. For this first keep the collar on the kurti’s backside and stitch on the mark we made. Also, remember to take the same margin on the taweez’s side and as on the button’s side which we are quarter inches. Now to stitch, we first pick the top cloth and stitch on the exact line we made-

Note: Here we see that our Kurti’s center cut and collar’s center cut is overlapped and the margin at the other end is the same as it was in the starting.

  • Next, flip the collar and insert the margin inside and stitch(kanni ki silayi) patching the whole collar. You need to insert the margin inside with the help of scissors as shown below

And now we start stitch (kanni ki silai) on another side of the collar

Do the same exact thing while you reach the other end of the collar.

  • Now flip it to the front part and our perfect round collar is created.
Perfect round collar

Our round polished collar is now ready to outshine our outfit! They are usually called Ban Collar and can be used in multiple types of Kurtis and Dresses. You are good to go to any event with this attire. You can learn to make new designs very easily and get access to videos and photos of the most trendy, fashionable designs. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @rup_fashion_point. Please share if you like the method of making perfect round collar and its helpful for everyone trying to learn stitching. Also if you find this article helpful then do comment below and let us know your views.


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