Latest Pintex Kurti Neck Design Cutting and Stitching

Latest Pintex Kurti Neck Design Cutting and Stitching: We brought you the brand new pintex kurti neck design of 2019 to make your attire extremely voguish. Want to wear a decent kurti on any event? Why not add an impressive twist of stylish spin to your ethnic attire! Pintex kurti neck design are among the most fascinating kurti neck designs. They give you a sober yet classy look and that is the main reason behind a large segment of women getting enchanted to this neck design. So get yourself ready to attract many eyes and compliments for your marvelous choice of neck design.

Latest Pintex Kurti Neck Design Cutting and Stitching

Making of pintex kurti neck design we bring you simple steps to learn making this beautiful neck design easily. We have divided the whole procedure of making beautiful pintex kurti neck design into the following steps-

  • Materials Required
  • Drafting and cutting
  • Stitching

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Following are the materials required for making the pintex kurti neck design-

  1. Take a plain kurti cutting of your size. You can take a light printed kurti cutting according to your liking.
  2. Matching cloth of size 18*18 inches this cloth must be plain and matching to the kurtis colour.
  3. Buckram of length 16 inches and width 11 inches.
  4. Potli lace. (You can easily get it in the market.)

Note- You may take kurti‘s colour and its matching cloth colour according to your preference and liking.

For Better Understanding Watch Video Given Below


  • Take the buckram and fold it into half. Now we take the broadness on the top of our buckram at 9.5 inches. We take its half which is 4 plus three-quarter inches. then we will mark the length of a neck towards the bottom of buckram which is 15 inches.

Here at the bottom of the buckram, our broadness would be less that is 7.5 inches. We take it half which is 3 plus 3 quarters and make a mark as shown below

Now we join these marks with the help of a ruler

  • Next, take a margin of half plus quarter inches for the width of the neck shape. You can take the width of half-inch of one inch according to your liking but the broad shape wouldn’t look good. So we take a margin of half plus quarter inches
  • Now we cut the buckram with this margin. Keep the other part of the buckram because it’s not waste, you can use this buckram in other neck pieces.

Our neck looks like:

  • Now we attach the shape of our neck to the kurti. We make a normal neck like we generally do. After making the neck, our neck piece would look like-


  • Take the matching cloth of 18*18 inches and fold it into half. Make a crease on it from the center. Then we open the cloth and we add a pintex on half-inch away from the center.
  • For adding pintex we fold the cloth half-inch away from the center as shown in the picture below. Then take half of quarter-inch and stitch it properly.
  • Then we add another pintex giving half-inch gap.

Similarly, we add other pintex

  • Next, add pintex to another side as well. Note- Keep in mind to leave half-inch gap from the center crease also so that we have a gap of one inch in the center. After adding pintex on both sides of the pattern, we will give direction to the pintex. With the help of iron, direct one side pintex to the right and other side pintex to the left.

We also make our centerline. After ironing it properly it looks like-

  • Now we take our neck piece and add our potli lace to it. You can easily get potli lace at the rate of 10 rupees per meter in the market. For this place the lace keeping the margin inside and potli button outside to make it visible. Also, we put our machine on a single boot. With the help of a single boot, we will attach our potli button lace to the neck piece.

On reaching the corner of the neck piece we take half-inch extra lace and cut the rest. Insert it inside and continue to stitch.

Now we lift the boot upwards and insert our lace again at the corner. Complete stitching the lace doing the same thing.

  1. Now we take our pintex pattern and the center pattern of the buckram and open them. We see that the pintex pattern has a crease on the centerline. Also, there is a crease on the centerline of the buckram. Keep them on top of the other joining their center lines as shown below

Next, mark the outlining of the buckram on the cloth as done below

  • Now we keep our neck piece on the cloth hiding the marks. We stitch our neck design on the pattern hiding these marks. We will stitch on the top of the previous stitching which we used for attaching potli button lace.

After attaching the neck pattern and neck piece we will cut the extra clot from the backside taking some margin.

  • Now we take a neck of length 8 inches and depth as 3.5 inches.

Then we will attach this neck with the same cloth of our kurti and fold some cloth taking a little margin as shown below. If the buckram is of sticking material then stick it to the cloth or else you can even stitch it to the cloth. Make a cut on the centerline.

  • Then flip the kurtis neck pattern backside and make a center cut on the kurtis pattern as well. Keep the kurtis neck pattern and neck joining the center cuts and seam(kachchi silai) the centerline.

Then we will stitch alongside the neck’s buckram.

  • Further, we will cut the internal cloth of the neck keeping some margin. Then make some small cuts on this margin. These small cuts help to fold the neckline properly to its front side.

Next, we fold our neck to Kurtis front part and iron it completely to give it a finished look. After ironing the kurtis neck it looks like-

  • Now we add our lace to the neckline for this keep the margin inside and make the potli buttons visible as shown in the following picture below. Stitch at the corner (kanni ki silai) at attach the rest of the lace neatly.

After this our neck design looks like-

  • To make it look more attractive we add buttons on the centerline of our neck design. You can easily get these buttons in the market.
pintex kurti neck design

Our beautiful ‘pintex kurti neck design’ is now ready to glow with your outfit. Add a matching dupatta to your attire and feel like a fashionista at the spur of the moment. Pintex kurti neck design is in latest trends and worn by all age groups of women. So carry your wonderful pintex kurti design with grace. If you find this article helpful then please let us know by commenting below in the comment box also share this article to everyone who wants to learn stitching. We will bring you such more amazing fashion trends and will help you to learn stitching fashionable clothes in a very simple steps.

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