Latest Potli Button Neck Design of 2019

Latest Potli Button Neck Design of 2019: We have brought you the most popular potli button neck design of 2019. Why not wear an ethnic attire with a twist of stylish spin to your kurti. Beautiful party styles neck designs are on the current trend. It looks amazing and you’ll love to wear this pick anywhere you go. Potli button neck designs are among the best neck designs which give you a delicate and petite look! So make yourself ready to attract many eyes and get compliments for your wonderful choice of neck design!

Latest Potli Button Neck Design of 2019

We bring you easy steps to learn cutting and stitching of this superb neck design. To learn to make potli button kurti neck design we have divided the whole procedure into the following segments-

  • Materials required
  • Drafting and cutting
  • Stitching

 MATERIALS REQUIRED: Following are the materials we will use for making potli lace neck design-

  1. Anchor Thread
  2. Potli lace. (You can easily get potli lace in the market. Still, if you do not find this lace in the market then we will teach you to make potli buttons in this article.)
  3. Two dorries(डोरी) of matching colour.
  4. A Cloth of length 16 inches and width 10 inches which would be the same cloth of the kurti. Paste paper fusing on this cloth. As it will be used for making the neck of our kurti.

Note- You can take the colour of your kurti and matching dorries of your liking and taste.

For Better Understanding Watch Video Given Below


  • We first mark our neck. For this take the cloth and fold it into half. Then we mark the broadness of our neck which is 7 inches and we take its half that is 3.5 inches. We make a mark on the top. Then we make another mark of 4.5 inches towards the bottom which is the length of our neck. Join these marks as done below.
potli button necck design
  • Now we keep the inch tape on the bottom mark and draw a mark at 3.5 inches towards the bottom.

Now from this 3.5-inch mark, we will draw a shape towards the top as shown in the given picture below.

  • Further, we will mark our shape of the neck as done in the picture below-

After giving shape to our neck we take we draw a mark from 3.5 inches mark to 7 inches towards the bottom. Take a negligible margin and draw this 7 inches mark as done in the picture-

  • Now we take the outer margin of our neck. You can take the margin according to your liking but the shape will be exactly like the given picture below-

We darken the marks so that we can get the imprints of these marks on the other side as well. For this open the cloth and then fold it inwardly into half and press it. By pressing the mark traces of one side will get imprinted on the other side. Then darken these marks properly.

  • After that, we will cut the outer portion of our neck. Then we take a quarter-inch margin from this outlining and fold it as done below.

After folding the cloth properly we iron it and make a cut on its center.


  • Take the kurti and open it. Then take the neck and keep it on the top of the kurtis front part. Join the center cut of the neck to the center of the kurti.
  • After that, we seam(kachchi silai) on the centerline so that the neck piece doesn’t get disturbed while stitching. Then we will stitch our whole neck on the marks we made.

Now we take some margin and cut the inner portion of the neck. Then make small cuts on this margin so that we can fold the cloth easily on its backside. Also, keep in mind while making small cuts that you do not disturb the internal stitching.

Then cut the center line straight.

Also, cut the curve part of the neck by taking some margin. Next, make some small cuts on this margin as done in the picture given below

  • Further, we take out corners of our neck design with the help of some pointed thing. Take out the corner of the other side as well as shown in the picture below

After that, we will fold our neck to the front part and iron it properly to give it a finished look.

  • Then we take our patti which is of 2 inches width and keep it under our neck design. After keeping it under the kurti we first set it. Then start stitching (kanni ki silayi) from the endpoint of our neck design to the top of the neck piece.
  • Now we will attach our potli buttons to our neck design what this we have bought potli buttons directly from the market so you can also get them from the market. But we will teach you to learn about making potli buttons. For this take thermakol balls and cloth of 3*3 inches. Keep the ball on the cloth and fold it from all sides as done below

Now take a thread of the same colour and roll it over till half inches of the cloth. The cut the extra cloth and your potli button is ready.

You can attach the potli button as done in the picture given below and you can make many other potli buttons similarly.

  • Now we will add our lace to our kurti. For this we cut the lace of the length we need. We also put our machine on a single boot and start stitching as shown below. On reaching the top of the neck we fold the extra lace internally and stitch (kanni ki Silai)it properly. Complete the stitching up to the top.

Note- Do not pull the lace while stitching because if you pull the lace then the neck piece will start rising from above.

  • After completing the stitching, we use Anchor thread and needle. Taking quarter-inch margin, we stitch with anchor thread and needle-like a machine stitches.

We insert the needle from the backside and take out the needle. Then giving a gap of quarter inches insert the needle from the front part to the backside of the cloth.

Do the same type of stitching giving the same gap along with the design. Stitch it till the lace and repeat the stitching on the other side as well. It would look like-

  • Now we will attach our dorries to the neck design. Take one dori and attach it to the corner. Stitch it with the help of a needle.
potli button neck design

Attach the second dori to the other side similarly. You can add flowers at the end of the dorries to make it more attractive.

potli button neck design

Our potli button neck design is complete and ready to make your outfit fascinating. Add a matching dupatta to this beautiful potli lace neck design and you’ll look amazing. This neck design looks really smart and fancy at the same time. You can learn to make latest designs in simple steps. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook @rup_fashion_point and get access to videos and photos regarding the latest trendy neck designs and fashionable kurtis. Also if you find this article helpful then please let us know by commenting below in the comment box.


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