Making Ravishing Suit Front Neck Design Effortlessly

Making Ravishing Suit Front Neck Design Effortlessly: Neck designs undoubtedly are the main component of a suit which can make or break your outfit. The neck design signifies your attire’s identity and its outlook! We bring you the most charming neck designs of 2019 for your suit. These designs are very easy to make and are a perfect go for your day. These look simple and sober on every age group women. You can also purchase a suit neck design book that contains various suit neck designs with laces and without laces, punjabi suit neck design and different styles of suit neck design. So girls out there check this amazing suit front neck design which looks awesome in every body type and suits your personality!

Making Ravishing Suit Front Neck Design Effortlessly

METHOD: The method to make stylish suit neck designs is very easy. We have divided the whole procedure of making suit front neck design into the following headings

  •  Materials required
  •  Drafting and Cutting
  •  Stitching

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Following are the materials required for making this “suit front neck design”-

  1. Take a plain kurti cutting of your size
  2. A cloth. The cloth’s colour should be matching to the kurti’s colour.
  3. Paper fusing. It will be used for making the pattern.
  4. Buckram of length 12 inches and width 10 inches. It will be used while making the neck
  5. Matching fabric buttons

Note- You may take the kurtis colour and the matching cloth’s colour according to you like liking and preference.

For Better Understanding Watch Video Given Below


  • First, we fold the buckram into half and draw our neck. For this, we take the broadness of our neck as 6 inches and take its half that is 3 inches. So we make a mark of 3 inches on the top of the buckram. You can change the measure of broadness according to you.

Then we mark the length of our neck as 6.5 inches towards the bottom of the buckram Join these marks with the help of a ruler.

  • Next, we make a mark of 3.5 inches from this 6.5-inch mark. Join these marks with the help of a scale as done below

Now we will make a mark of 1.5 inches from 3.5-inch mark towards the top of the buckram. It’s is done as-

  • Then we will give shape step by step as shown in the following pictures below-

Here we make a shape similar to the shape drawn at the bottom of the buckram. But we do not increase the broadness as we did previously.

  • Now we will cut the buckram. We can take the width as half-inch or half plus quarter inches or one plus quarter inches. But do not take a bigger margin as it does not look good. So here we cut with half plus quarter-inch width.

We have our larger neck cutting-

  • Now we want our 6.5-inch neck. So we take the buckram and cut at the 6.5 inches mark we made earlier on the buckram

So we have this pattern cut from the bukram

Note- We will make the exact same pattern on paper fusing. There we keep a half-inch extra margin on its sides leaving the top side. So we cut the pattern on paper fusing and stick it to a matching color cloth.


  • We will stick our neck to a cloth and fold it at sides properly as shown in the picture below
  • Now we will make our neck on the suit. For this open the suit keeping the front side on the top. Then keep the neck on the top of the suit joining the center cut of the neck to the center cut of the suit.

Then we seam(kachchi silai) the centerline of the neck. The seaming at the centerline helps to keep the neck in place while stitching.

After that, we will stitch the neck piece to the cloth alongside the buckram.

  • Then we cut the inner fabric of neck keeping some margin as done in the picture below. Also, make small marks on the corner of the neck piece. These small cuts enable the neck piece to fold properly.

Now we will fold properly and seam our neck.

  • After seaming our neck looks like
  • Now we will add piping to our neck with a matching colour cloth. If you want to learn to attach piping to a neck design you can visit our channel by clicking on the link given at the end of this article.
  • Then we will prepare our pattern which we earlier cut on paper fusing and stick on the matching fabric. Here we have cut the cloth on paper fusing on three sides. But we have left some cloth at the top of the pattern as shown below
  • Now we take the same cloth and keep the pattern on top of the cloth. Then we stitch the top alongside the paper fusing.
  • Next, cut the pattern on the top leaving some margin. Make a small cut in the center, keep in mind that you do not disturb the stitching on the paper fusing.
  • Further, we fold the pattern to its front side and stitch the pattern from all the sides.

Now we cut the extra cloth on the 3 remaining sides. Keep in mind that you do not disturb the stitching.

  • Now we take the pattern which we made on our buckram previously and keep it on the top of the cloth. Place it on the center properly as shown in the figure below. Then make the buckram’s outlining from all the three sides leaving the top side. Make the outlining on the cloth with the help of a chalk.

We have made the outlining of the buckram piece on our pattern.

  • Now we will attach our pattern to our suit neck. We will stitch our pattern to the suit hiding the outlines.

Stitch alongside the piping neatly. Our neck pattern is attached to our suit.

  • Now we will add some buttons and a butterfly below the neck pattern to make it appear more beautiful.

Your gorgeous suit front neck design is ready to enrich your attire. These suit neck designs are versatile and can be used with different types of suits. They cast an illuminating effect to your ethnic outfit! If you find this article helpful then please let us know by commenting in the comment box below. Your feedback is very essential to us. Also, share it with everyone who wants to learn stitching. We have made stitching very convenient to learn for everyone out there. We will bring you many suit neck designs with laces and other trendy neck designs that are easy to make and look ravishing!

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