What is a magnetic seam straight stitch guide exactly?

The magnetic seam straight stitch guide is a metal tool which we place on the needle plate of our machine for straight seaming on our cloth. The device is designed for enabling the users to get uniform stitching on the fabric. The tool consists of a magnet which sticks to the needle plate and fixes the instrument on an accurate place. The magnet is attached to a straight metal strip which provides a linear hold to the cloth.

magnetic seam stitch guide


How to use the magnetic seam straight stitch guide?

To use this tool you just need to keep it parallel to the machine’s needle. For this, you need to choose a seam allowance width and the magnet will itself stick to the exact place. After aligning the seam edge along with the magnetic seam stitch you can start to stitch your fabric. The rest will automatically be done by the magnetic seam guide and you will get fine straight stitching. It’s because of the magnet in the magnetic seam stitch guide will hold the grip solidly and reduces mistakes.

magnetic seam straight stitch guide

Note- Although this device is safe to use on all types of machines buy it is strictly recommended not to use it on other parts of computerized machines. It can cause damage to computerised sewing machines if used in other parts.

The instrument is widely used by everyone to minimize mistakes and uneven stitching. It gives emphasis on minute details and hence is used by designers to all sewers. Also, it is better to play safely in long stitching to get clean straight stitches rather than to get clumsy zig-zag finishing. The main function of the magnetic seam tool is to give your fabric a finished look with sharp linear stitching. It is completely reliable and diversely used machine. It is used by explicit designers to every sewer for its crystal clear stitching.

A Brilliant Device!

The magnetic seam stitch guide is a brilliant tool because it is small in size and works independently on the sewing machine. It can be used in different types of machines whether it is an industrial or manual or electric home machine. An important feature of this device is that although it is tiny in size it gives exclusive finished results. It does its work spontaneous and completely performs according to your expectations.

Where can you get the amazing Magnetic seam straight stitch guide?

You can easily purchase the magnetic seam straight stitch guide in the market for Rs 50 onwards. If you don’t get it in the market then you can order it online on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many others. Although it is easily accessible in the market still other options are available at slightly higher prices. So try to buy it from your nearest stores at minimum prices. Also, it is affordable online as well. So get sharp straight stitches in convenient prices.

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The magnetic seam tool is very important for beginners to use. It is so because this tool gives neatness and clarity in stitching. For beginners, seaming in straight lines can cause a bit of a hindrance. Here the magnetic seam instrument plays a significant role. It enables clarity and transparency in seaming properly. It is a must-have tool for all sewers, especially for beginners. The magnetic seam stitch is completely worth the cost and quite convenient. Due to its vital role in stitching, you can not neglect it as a device. It is greatly impactful and you will see results in you stitching in the spur of the moment. It’s advisable to all to use this tool for long, even stitching.

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